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About Mystiuak

I got this idea a while ago. I walking, with a phone in my hand, and browsing Discord. Why not make a Discord that awards others with activity? I've seen other bots before. Some only award points for every message per minute, but that doesn't mean they are active. I devised a plan to create a bot 

So, I devised a plan to create a bot that traces activity rather than minutes. Now, Mystiuak has a shop, a user currency, and a gambling feature providing fun and excitement while chatting with friends! This is activity! This is how one should feel proud!

I really hope you enjoy Mystiuak as much as I do!

Mystiuak - A Discord Bot - Make Money and Currency

Earn currency based on activity, not minutes.

Mystiuak Guide to GEM DOMINATION
Learn how to use Mystiuak, and earn as many gems as you can!

Whether you decide to use Mystiuak gems for a fun server economy or a gem dominating empire, it is very important to understand the basics of Mystiuak. Once you grasp the understanding of Mystiuak, it will be very wonderful to use in the future and in your server / guild. Let's get started!

The Most Important Commands

One of the core essentials of Mystiuak is the stack command. This command allows you to see the multiplier for your activity. The more active you are, the more stacks you are able to obtain. Higher stacks mean higher RPM, which means more gems per minute. Stacks are added every minute you are active in chat, and will not be added if you macro. Macroing is the act of botting your activity and will give you a negative RPM. This system is very sensitive, so be sure to just chat normally and not spam. Stacks are also reset after 1 minute of inactivity.

Reaching higher stacks
As you reach higher stacks on Mystiuak, you will notice some goal posts as you reach certain stack numbers. If you were stacking for 5 minutes (5x Stacks), Mystiuak will notify you of your progress. The progression is as follows: 5x 10x 20x 30x 60x 120x 300x. This may become an annoyance to high-density chatrooms, which can be spammy. To disable this function, go to your server settings, and remove Mystiuak's Administrator permission. Then go to your selected channel and add Mystiuak's permission, then disable Send Message, but Keep Read Message on. This ensures user's stacks will be kept and turns off Mystiuak's stack notifications.

Another perk to Mystiuak is the inventory, and it allows you to collect emojis. In order to collect emojis, you need to find out what emojis are available. Type .shop to find all the available emojis. If you have enough gems to purchase an emoji, you can do .buy :emoji: where :emoji: is the emoji you want in the shop. If you are unable to find the name of the emoji, ask a person in chat who is on PC, otherwise just hover over the emote. If you don't like a certain emote, you may sell it back by doing .sell :emoji: on that emoji. If the item is still in the shop, you will receive 80% of the item's price, otherwise, you will receive 800 gems. Items can increase your multiplier greatly. Keep in mind that the shop manually changes every Sunday at 2PM (PST).

Usage: .gift @user (amount)
Cooldown: 3 minutes
Gifting is a crucial part of the Mystiuak community. People usually gift friends or strangers to help them. Whether to rank them up or to cooperate together up the leaderboard, there is a lot of gifting in Mystiuak. When gifting, it is important to remember an 8% tax is applied to every gift. For example, if you gift a friend 100 gems, another 8 gems will be deducted from your account balance. There are almost many factors involved in gifting, which includes one which prevents a rich player gifting too much to another player. If you become somewhat rich, you will realize you cannot gift your entire balance to your friend, but you are able to gift them large enough amounts to rank them up.

Gifting Uses
There are many uses for gifting in the Mystiuak world.
Role Purchasing, users can gift an administrator or owner a certain amount of gems to unlock a role. Warning: Getting Rich May Occur
Trading, if users wanted to trade gems for services or help, this can also occur. Just be responsible.
You can trade gems for a profile picture or a piece of art.
...And Much More! Just be creative!

This is probably the most important command
Ranking up is the most important command if you want to reach the leaderboards. Once you save enough money from stacks and items, you will be able to rank up. Ranking up solidly increases your RPM. This makes you earn way more money than before. A list of each rank up price and tier will be included in a future blog update. If embedded links are allowed by Mystiuak in a text channel, ranking up will show a colored flair for your current tier and rank. P.S. It looks awesome.

Important Notices
Hourly Tax
There is an hourly quarter percent tax on your entire gem amount, 24/7. If you were wondering why you were losing gems, this is why. This hourly tax is necessary to keep the rich from getting too rich. But... if this is just because of rich people, why does this affect me? This tax effects everyone so the system would be fair to everyone. Plus, if you earn enough from stacks, this hourly tax is just a bump in the road.

Inventory Full
There is also a maximum capacity for your inventory. This maximum is 60 items. Future increases in capacities will be considered.

Negative RPM
As stated earlier in the .stack paragraph, if you are receiving a negative amount of RPM, it is because of our sensitive automated system, which detects macroing. Please just chat normally if you have any problems with this.

Shop Changes
The shop changes every Sunday at 2PM (Pacific Standard Time). We're sorry to everyone who thought they can set up a custom shop to sell to server members. Mystiuak is a global discord bot which all currency and earnings stay the same throughout all servers. If one shop sold everything for 1 gem, it would be unfair.

The Tier V Anomaly
Tier V has always had a controversial existence, but it is there for those who want it quick and fast. Usually unknown to a new player, any Tier V after Bronze I Rank has a lower RPM than the previous rank's RPM. This is due to the multiplicative nature of Mystiuak since all ranks have a base set of numbers, these numbers are the ones being multiplied by the tier's progression and since the base is being multiplied by 1, there is usually a decrease in RPM between the previous rank of Tier V and Tier V of the new Rank.

To counter this, many people started to save in the Tier I rank previous to the next Rank's Tier V to save for a tier jump to Tier IV, where the RPM is higher.

This process is recommended if you want to aim to achieve the most gems as quickly as possible.

Finally, after many hurdles, a few more features have been added throughout the Summer!
Let me introduce them to you!

✓ New Ranking System, it tells you where you are in the Top 10,000!
✓ New Ranks
, by ranking up, you are able to earn even more currency!
✓ New Leaderboards, which displays the Top 10 Richest Players.
✓ New Gifting System, which allows you to gift other players!
✓ New Prefix Changing System, which allows you to change Mystiuak's prefix

Enjoy the new features!

After long weeks of battling againest the code, Mystiuak is now avaliable to the public!
Click on the Add Mystiuak button above to add it to your server.

  • Adds currency based on activity ✔
  • Can be used globally ✔
  • Every minute of activity increases your Stack RPM ✔
  • Includes a Shop filled with emojis that change weekly ✔
  • Includes an Inventory for users to collect their items ✔
  • Rich Embeds for beautiful display on mobile and on PC ✔
  • Gambling for those who want a thrill in their lives ✔
  • Buying from and selling back items the Shop ✔
  • Users get to pick their favorite emojis to buy ✔
  • Encourages activity ✔

  • Not very fast :/
  • Shop is changed manually

Mystiuak has a few major bugs, but everything is running smoothly, as of right now.
- This update introduces gambling.
- Command - !gamble - Let's players with over 1000 coins gamble. 20% chance of winning, 1% of doubling, and 1% of tripling (will be changed to 10x).

Coming soon:
!sell - To sell items you accidentally bought. (Mystiuak Global Bank will take 20% of the refunded price)
!remove - To remove items you have in excess. (Removes the first appearance of item in inventory)