Discord Global Currency

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About Mystiuak

I got this idea a while ago. I walking, with a phone in my hand, and browsing Discord. Why not make a Discord that awards others with activity? I've seen other bots before. Some only award points for every message per minute, but that doesn't mean they are active. I devised a plan to create a bot 

So, I devised a plan to create a bot that traces activity rather than minutes. Now, Mystiuak has a shop, a user currency, and a gambling feature providing fun and excitement while chatting with friends! This is activity! This is how one should feel proud!

I really hope you enjoy Mystiuak as much as I do!

After long weeks of battling againest the code, Mystiuak is now avaliable to the public!
Click on the Add Mystiuak button above to add it to your server.

  • Adds currency based on activity ✔
  • Can be used globally ✔
  • Every minute of activity increases your Stack RPM ✔
  • Includes a Shop filled with emojis that change weekly ✔
  • Includes an Inventory for users to collect their items ✔
  • Rich Embeds for beautiful display on mobile and on PC ✔
  • Gambling for those who want a thrill in their lives ✔
  • Buying from and selling back items the Shop ✔
  • Users get to pick their favorite emojis to buy ✔
  • Encourages activity ✔

  • Not very fast :/
  • Shop is changed manually

Mystiuak has a few major bugs, but everything is running smoothly, as of right now.
- This update introduces gambling.
- Command - !gamble - Let's players with over 1000 coins gamble. 20% chance of winning, 1% of doubling, and 1% of tripling (will be changed to 10x).

Coming soon:
!sell - To sell items you accidentally bought. (Mystiuak Global Bank will take 20% of the refunded price)
!remove - To remove items you have in excess. (Removes the first appearance of item in inventory)